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The majority of communications for the general membership of the DHS-MPA is done via the Google Group:  Downingtown High School Music Parents.  To view this group, or to sign up for future mailings, visit the DHS-MPA Google Group

If you have a Google account, you can sign in and join the group, if not, then you can create an account to join.  You must have a Google account to join the group.  Once you've joined the group, go to the Edit My Membership page (the link on on the right side of the window), and set up how you'd like to receive your emails from the group.  Communications are set up to be sent via email.  To stay current on the group's activities, set the option to Email (at the bottom of the list).  Communications include upcoming events and activities for all music departments, and for volunteer needs for the concession stands and other fund raising events.

For step-by-step instructions on signing up for the Google Group, read Google Group Instruction.

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